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The Groundnut - Paris.

Spent some time with The Groundnut guys while they were preparing for their event at Le Bal Cafe in Paris. 

 photo GN_PARIS_03_zps42e506ae.jpg

 photo GN_VEG_01_zpsdea8516d.jpg

 photo GN_PARIS_05_zps3dfd43b3.jpg

 photo GN_VEG_04_zps62e088b0.jpg

 photo PARIS_05_zps23d0c4f2.jpg

 photo GN_VEG_03_zpsdeaa76ce.jpg

 photo GN_PARIS_01_zpsf8e88783.jpg

 photo GN_VEG_02_zps3364ba10.jpg

 photo GR_PARIS_04_zpsdaddd81f.jpg

 photo GN_VEG_05_zps1905fb9e.jpg

 photo GN_PARIS_02_zps48ac4de6.jpg

Archie W Maddocks.

One of a set of press shots I took of my old friend and hilarious stand up comedian Archie Maddocks. Follow him on twitter @AWMDX. Archie does shows all around the UK and is sure worth checking out.

   photo ARCH_01_zps1459f4cf.jpg

Water and Glass.

 photo KAQ_02_zps8816d00d.jpg

 photo KAQ_01_zpsf456a3fc.jpg

 photo KAQ_03_zps99beea00.jpg

Still life - I

- Upside pylon - 

 photo RAN_01_zps925d146e.jpg

- Daff - 

 photo RAN_06_zpsd852530d.jpg

- Snowy day - 

 photo RAN_04_zps8ac41440.jpg

- Le Sandwich - 

 photo RAN_05_zps9a363c5a.jpg

- Lights -

 photo RAN_03_zps723d9100.jpg

Wiley, Trelick Tower and a very happy dog.

A couple of shots taken from the set of the talented Rohan Blair-Mangat's video for Wiley.

 photo RAN_02_zps527e8289.jpg

 photo OP_05_zps6ad9b886.jpg

A sunny wedding with a hint of rain.

A few snaps from a buddies wedding this summer. Wedding photography is really not my bag but I was pretty pleased with these photographs.

 photo BWED_01_zpseb47bdaa.jpg

 photo BWED_03_zps38fee63f.jpg

 photo BWED_02_zps327fa3c7.jpg

Their last year in Loughborough.

The other day I found an old role of film which had a couple of photographs of some friends in their studios as they were finishing off their final year of Fine Art.

 photo L_02_zps3a92a3b8.jpg

 photo L_03_zps4019adfe.jpg

 photo L_01_zps5e757d6f.jpg

Peckham Print Studio - Popup.

Earlier this year the boys at the Peckham Print Studio executed an awesome week long popup print shop at  the Box Park. Beers were drank, prints were pulled and good times were had by all who passed through. Check out there site here. Here a couple of snaps I took there.

   photo PEK_03_zpsd7434ae4.jpg

 photo PEK_01_zps521694e5.jpg

 photo PEK_02_zps9912a620.jpg

Japan expo.

- 5.30 -

 photo JEXPO_03_zpsd53ebde8.jpg

- For Ric - 

 photo JEXPO_04_zps538bf92a.jpg

- Cos played - 

 photo JEXPO_05_zps15501b9c.jpg

- Dat Shirt - 

 photo JEXPO_02_zps6ce939b4.jpg


 photo JEXPO_01_zpsf0e15b9d.jpg

No faces present in Paris.

A small collection of photographs from Paris. 

 photo PARIS_02_zps9db508b4.jpg

 photo PARIS_01_zpse1b0b8ab.jpg

 photo PARIS_03_zps6cc1f4d9.jpg

 photo PARIS_06_zpsa788dde9.jpg

Melbourne and raised.

- Get em brah - 

 photo OZ_02_zpsa2f4be99.jpg

- Midnight pool - 

 photo OZ_01_zps351a4d63.jpg

- 5$ Pizza -

 photo OZ_03_zps6e99b95f.jpg

Portraits - odds and ends.

 A random selection of portraits from 2008 - 2013

- K - 

 photo OP_01_zpsa165ac48.jpg

- An Adrian -

 photo OP_02_zps8293f6ef.jpg

- Coffee and Flowers - 

 photo OP_03_zps105343cd.jpg

- King of Derby - 

 photo OP_04_zps99f9f810.jpg

Le Sud.

Series of portraits I took in the south of France a couple of years ago. 

 photo FRANCE_01_zps7db996e6.jpg

 photo FRANCE_04_zps36ff2930.jpg

 photo FRANCE_03_zps7c5d8f2c.jpg

 photo FRANCE_02_zps94efa84d.jpg